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Our introductory workshops are suitable for all levels, but are primarily aimed at those with no previous experience of Taiko. Whilst a background in other physical or musical activities is a bonus, no previous experience is necessary, and all equipment will be provided. This type of workshop is perfect for those looking to try something new, or those perhaps interested in starting a group of their own.

Participants are first taken through a rigorous physical warm-up, to ensure the body is ready for the activity and reduce the likelihood of muscle strain and injury. Next comes our approach to Taiko basics (kihon), such as the grip, general striking technique (waza), stance, posture and basic movements (kata), and use of verbal notation (kuchi shoga). The focus then shifts to learning a series of drills and exercises to help develop the foundational elements and provide tools to articulate ideas musically on the drum.

The main thrust of the workshop centres on learning a short Taiko piece, which participants are actively encouraged to take away and perform. There are a number of different pieces in our beginner repertoire, so if there is a preference for a piece based primarily on movement, on rhythm, or a combination, we can arrange that at the time of the booking.

Aside from offering a fun and engaging physical and mental challenge, there will be regular comfort breaks where we'll delve into various aspects of Taiko; how the drums are made, the history and traditions, and related elements of Japanese culture. 

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