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Who are we?

Tsuchigumo Daiko is a Japanese style drumming group dedicated to studying, teaching, and performing the art of Taiko Drumming.


Our aim is to raise awareness of the art within our local community and beyond, promoting its many benefits to general health and wellbeing, whilst highlighting the richness of Japanese culture through our classes, workshops, and performances.

What is Taiko Drumming?

Taiko Drumming is a dynamic and energising performing art originating in Japan. Its current form is relatively modern and continually evolving, but the Taiko have been played for centuries and have a rich history rooted in Japanese classical music, Shinto and Buddhist ceremonies, and folk festivals.


Modern Taiko stage performances range from atmospheric lone drum solos, to highly choreographed stage shows featuring huge ensembles and many sizes, styles, pitches, and timbres of drum. 

What do we offer?

We have regular ongoing classes in the Glasgow area, offering a system of learning which supports individual goals. Classes range from beginner to advanced, and incorporate learning a varied repertoire, auxiliary instruments, different  styles, and stagecraft. 


We also travel around the UK and Europe offering workshops and performances that can be tailored to your specific group, event, company, or school. 

If you'd like to know more, please contact us at

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