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TSUCHIGUMO DAIKO ADVANCED  - Saturday Mornings @ 09:00 - 13:00


Members of our Saturday group form the core of our main performance team, so this class is designed to test and stretch each player's limits. The associated repertoire is far more physically and rhythmically challenging than in any other class, so the pre-session warm-up, intense workout, and technical drills are of an equally exacting standard. The first hour of the class is dedicated to repertoire related drills.

The main focus of the class is to cultivate professional standard performers, so it is expected that members commit more time away from the rehearsal space improving their fitness, flexibility, and stamina; practising drills, learning repertoire, and honing their performance skills. Members will also have the opportunity to compose pieces for the group should they wish to do so. 


In addition to advanced Beta Uchi technique, a variety of styles and approaches to Taiko are also taught in the class, including Yoko Uchi (horizontal), Naname (diagonal), Suwari Uchi (seated), Odaiko (big drum), Katsugi Okedo (carried drum), Shime and Kumi Daiko (small drum and taiko set playing), and auxiliary percussion. Members will have multiple opportunities to perform at a range of events throughout the year, and can also become part of Tsuchigumo's full-length theatre show.  

Anyone is welcome to try out, but new recruits will only be accepted after a successful audition, or after spending a suitable period of time in the intermediate class

Classes cost £15 per session, which is collected in four week blocks. Students and unemployed receive a 25% discount.

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